Cerberus Beach House

Perched at the bottom end of Half Moon Beach on the Bay’s Beach Road is a quaint little building called Cerberus Beach House – so named by the famous maritime wreck that serves as a breakwater, diving destination and general curiosity just a few metres off shore. Upstairs is a great restaurant, while the downstairs hosts counter service for drinks, snacks, ice creams and fish ‘n chips. It’s a perfect place to look back on Melbourne across the water and to stroll around and get some sand between the toes!



The Kiosk by d’Asporto

d’Asporto Kiosk, Williamstown.

This little place is at the end of Williamstown Beach on the famous Esplanade and is something that’s 100% Italian transplanted to a place that’s 100% English, at least by heritage. The sand and beach there are quite beautiful, complete with walking mats across the sand – is that an Italian or an English thing? (Hard to be sure.) Either way, it makes for a fantastic stopping point after a drive along and around the picturesque and history filled Williamstown foreshore and gives a lovely view back across the Bay.