North > Private day trip tour from Melbourne to Victoria’s ‘Goldfield’ towns – for up to four passengers.

Compass setting ‘N’ in the way of early Victoria prospectors (searching for fortune), where the true gold nowadays is found by cruising in Chevrolet style!

This tour is marked by beautiful small towns connected by meandering country roads and beautiful forested and farming scenery – and a good freeway run in each direction to bookend the experience! Choose a collection of different towns to stop at or focus on just one … there is plenty here to discovery and enjoy whichever way.  

Your party of four can be collected from city hotels or a Carlton café for a private tour driven by your d’Luxe host, John Frostell – local Chevrolet enthusiast and drive-to location expert. 

A typical ‘Goldfields’ tour can head:
> CBD/Carlton
> Calder Freeway
> Mount Macedon
> Hanging Rock
> Daylesford
> Kyneton
> Trentham
> Return to CBD
This itinerary books to a 6 hours (full day) or 8+ hours maxi day tour. As always, stops can be added and changed to suit passenger interests and available time.

These tours are the perfect choice for international and interstate visitors wanting a unique look at Melbourne and surrounds, otherwise for locals looking at special gift ideas or simply just a bit of fun! Also makes for a perfect shore excursion with cruise ship travellers.


d’Luxe Classic Car Tours offers a range of personalised day tours (established and custom) heading in every direction – north, south, east and west – out of Melbourne across half, full or maxi day durations. 

For an overview of all itineraries head to the main Tours page.

Prices for regular tours from $450.00 for four passengers.

DurationHalf dayFull dayMaxi day

Let me open that door for you! 

What they are saying about d’Luxe:
Melbourne is a place to be discovered. But you will only find out if you choose the right tour, a tour that you can take you to the hidden gems of this great city and the nearby Victorian country towns with its rustic flair. I had the fortunate chance to come across this unique, one of kind, do it in style classic car experience. Beats any group or large bus trip, where instead you get to feel a part of this lovely city for a day. Being short on time, it was truly the best way to get to know Melbourne – can’t recommend it highly enough.
Alex, UAE