Classic car tours Melbourne

Where to go? 

We drive in every direction out of Melbourne – north, south, east and west – and offer a selection of established itineraries as well as custom tour options, all for private groups. Having the ability to choose means the wishes of every d’Luxe tour party can be met exactly – it depends on what you might already know about Melbourne and surroundings as much as where interests and curiosity lie.

Think: wineries, craft breweries, distilleries and cider houses; restaurants, cafés and country pubs; botanical gardens; art galleries and sculpture parks; general sightseeing; coastal areas and beaches; the races, picnics or historic towns; treed avenues and winding roads; as well as hills and short walks. 

Also think destinations: The Yarra Valley, Port Phillip Bay, Dandenong Ranges, Victorian goldfields, the peninsulas, Phillip Island, and the Surf Coast. 

How long? 

Options exist for Half, 3-Quarter, Full and Maxi day tours to involve single through to multiple destinations as well as shorter and seasonal outings when the calendar allows – notably though the warmer months when special drives through the sunset hours are scheduled. 


With the make-up of tours as they are, no two outings are ever the same – each becomes an original outing in one way or another. And of course, all tours can be configured or altered to suit interests, fitness, dining preferences, cultural expectations and age. (Shoot us a brief and we will ensure your outing is memorable in every way.)

Established tours (prepared itineraries)

Melbourne is gifted with famous, desirable and accessible day trip destinations right on its doorstep, and we have configured itineraries to meet them all. Close-to-home tours begin with immediate sightseeing from the city centre as we weave over the Yarra River and around Albert Park Lake to meet the bay roads and St. Kilda, while longer excursions generally start with short free-way cruising (after a coffee boost in Carlton!) before hitting more quiet surrounds outside of town. 

Custom tours (tailored, bespoke, couture!)

We say that d’Luxe Classic Car Tours can all be personalised – nothing needs to be set to an exact itinerary, script or schedule (and can even be made up as we go!) … which makes for customers experiencing something unique and particular to their tastes, ideas and available time. It’s like a tailored suit or dress – there is nothing quite like having something made to measure! So, for those who have particular wishes, or would even like to be surprised by out-of-the-box possibilities from our side, a custom tour option can be the best way to book and get moving! 

Shore excursions

For cruise ship visitors d’Luxe can provide an essential snap shot of Melbourne within the space of a single day – starting with port pick-up and heading towards the city via pretty public garden areas and the arts precinct then a choice of local discovery or a quick freeway cruise to discover wine country, peninsula and hills, wildlife or coastal features.

Please take a quick look at the following tour destination summaries before reading their corresponding description pages for details. Then go to the book section to complete.

Yarra Valley Half day3-Quarter dayFull dayMaxi day
Choose from:
• Carlton (departure coffee)
• Scenic back roads driving 
• Gourmet food
• Lunch and snack options
• Local produce gift shopping
• Wine, brewery, distillery tastings 
• Photo opportunities

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Dandenong RangesHalf day3-Quarter dayFull dayMaxi day
Discover the hills✔︎✔︎
Choose from:
• Carlton (departure coffee)
• Scenic driving
• Fine art installations  
• Lookouts (Sky High, Kalorama)  
• Lunch and snack options
• Berry farm 
• Nurseries
• Gardens (seasonal)
• Photo opportunities

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Mornington PeninsulaHalf day3-Quarter dayFull dayMaxi day
Choose from:
• Carlton (departure coffee)
• Scenic driving
• EastLink (roadside sculptures) 
• Sculpture parks  
• Wineries
• Lookouts
• Gourmet food
• Lunch and snack options
• Local beaches
• Photo opportunities

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Port Phillip BayHalf day3-Quarter dayFull dayMaxi day
Cruise the Bay✔︎
Choose from:
• Albert Park Lake
• St. Kilda
• Brighton Beach (bathing boxes)
• Half Moon Bay 
• Port Melbourne 
• Westgate Bridge 
• Williamstown 
• Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
• Lunch and snack options
• Photo opportunities

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GoldfieldsHalf day3-Quarter dayFull dayMaxi day
Choose from:
• Carlton (departure coffee)
• Scenic driving
• Mount Macedon 
• Hanging Rock 
• Daylesford
• Kyneton 
• Trentham 
• Lunch and snack options
• Photo opportunities

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CustomHalf day3-Quarter dayFull dayMaxi day
Where tours are configured for individual wishes and requirements.

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Two Chevs!Half day3-Quarter dayFull dayMaxi day
• 1956 Chevrolet
• 1957 Chevrolet

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Something else?
• Gift certificates
• Multi-day tour?
• Bevvie run – wine, beer, cider, gin and rum tastings?
• Silo art (Western Victoria)?
• Rutherglen wine region?
• Corporate goof-offs … ahem, retreats?
• Proposal drive? #willyoumarryme
• Tree runs (including The Black Spur)?
• Arty farty – murals, galleries, public installations?
• Melbourne freeways?

Email for enquiry.

What they are saying about d’Luxe:
Everything their web page ( says and more. John drove us to the Brighton Bathing Boxes as well as the St. Kilda Pier in his pristine ’56 Chevy. It was a privilege to spend the afternoon with John curating everything along the way. A “must do” in Melbourne. And the professionally shot pictures were a nice touch!
Sarah, Texas, USA