Let me open that door for you!

Enjoy a personalised private day trip tour experience in America’s favourite cars from the fifties for a cruisy and unique look around the beautiful, cultured (and sometimes voted ‘most liveable’) city of Melbourne and environs.

You will enjoy windows-down driving to delightful destinations and sights, listen to some cool music, take fun photos, and chat about places, people, history, life, and the rest with your host. It’s all pretty chilled … and definitely memorable. 

The Weekend Australian ‘Travel+Luxury’ by Jeremy Bourke:

It’s not us peckish picnickers who are drawing the attention of downtown Healesville this autumn afternoon, however. It’s our picnic table, the bonnet of a two-tone green 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Sedan” 

CV-19 Update
d’Luxe is pleased to have recommenced tours and is operating with a CV-19 safe plan across all regular itineraries and in accordance with government directives.  

Set itineraries

As a tourism experience or perhaps a gift, a half day d’Luxe tour is a great way to enjoy a drive in a mid-50s Chevrolet and enjoy some of Melbourne’s close-to-town sights and destinations. Cool, jazzy, blinged cruising all the way for four people.

North, south, east, west

Tours can head in each compass direction out of the city, including itineraries for the hills and the bay. A full day tour trip enables a good day outing with a variety of stops and allows return to Melbourne with plenty of time for evening fun to continue.

Chrome art, Pt. Leo Estate.

Custom tours

All tours can be booked from established itineraries, modified to suit any sort of diversion, or made completely custom to suit interests and tastes. Any maxi day tour is guaranteed to cover some miles and a good number of stops. (Go on … do it!)


Spring has sprung!

The days are longer and the cold weather for this year is behind us – it is a fresh beginning! All directions out of Melbourne are excellent choices and provide for delightful driving with enlivening scenery and pleasant outdoor stops along with the regular enjoyment of our host venues. Our lovely 1956 Chevrolet is ready to roll – starting from 3-hour half day private tours for up to four passengers daily.

Grevillea, Seville.
Grevillea, Seville.

Who is booking? 
International travellers 
Private tour groups
Birthday boys … birthday girls 
Experience seekers 
Car aficionados 
Interstate visitors 
Singles, couples, groups and families 
Young people 
Not-so-young people 
Curious types
Food and wine connoisseurs 
‘Sunday Drive’ enthusiasts 

Wineries, craft breweries, distilleries and cider houses
Art galleries and sculpture parks
Botanical gardens
Restaurants, cafés and country pubs
Coastal areas and beaches
General sightseeing
Races, picnics and historic towns
Lookouts, hills and parks
Short, gentle walks 
Avenues, laneways and winding roads.
You can decide!

What they are saying about d’Luxe:
Such a brilliant experience driving through stunning Victorian countryside in the luxurious comfort of one of these classic and meticulously restored beauties. John is passionate about his vehicles and curating a special day. Highly recommended!
Roxanne, Sydney


Demi and Brendon