Mt. Macedon Hotel

Mt. Macedon Hotel – beer on tap
Mt. Macedon Hotel

This is classic country pub territory. Just an hour from Melbourne, it is a popular stop for people passing through (or over) or simply making it their destination for a day trip from the city. It is old school and simple, and for us represents a great focal point for exploration of the small town of Mt. Macedon and its famous lookout.

You Yangs

One can see them from Melbourne, and Melbourne can be seen from them – they are a kind of yin and yang (no pun intended) on the local scene. The You Yangs are one of the last elements of The Great Dividing Range and provide a wonderful nature stop for views and a little walking – and the drive in and out is just wonderful. Perhaps they can be included as a side-trip to the Surf Coast?

Chelsea Kebab House

Melbourne is pretty much the kebab capital of Australia, and there are probably more than a hundred (or more?) places to get some lamb on a skewer or wrapped with goodies in bread from around the metro area. It would be risky to call any one of these the ‘best’, but this unassuming little joint down on the main road through Chelsea, on the way to Franskston, is definitely worth the stop, or even a dedicated drive from Melbourne. (Ask me how I know!)

Lake House, Daylesford

Daylesford definitely qualifies as a d’Luxe one-stop-destination from Melbourne. The drive there is beautiful. The lake is beautiful. And the old Victorian town is beautiful. Also, if you have the chance to dine at the Lake House, run by Alla Wolf-Tasker, that too is beautiful.


Piggery Cafe, Burnham Beeches

Piggery Cafe, Dandenongs.
Piggery Cafe, Dandenongs.

Perhaps this is the favourite stopping point for drives in the Chevrolets. It is in the middle of one of the most scenic driving areas that Melbourne’s close environs have to offer, and provides a chic place to stop for coffee or lunch … along with a game of lawn bowls! This is a venture from acclaimed chef Shannon Bennett and is just part of the masterplan to redevelop all of the Burnham Beeches facilities in Sherbrooke.