Two Chevs

There is a reason we have two Chevrolets and it is no accident they are a matching green pair. (Can you imagine how hard it was to find the second one?) 

For a group outing that requires up to 8 passengers d’Luxe can wheel both of these beauties out of the garage for a tour of any required duration: half day, full day or maxi day. And this can be configured against an existing itinerary or custom – we are up for it whichever way it happens. 

But be warned: If you think just one of these cars gathers attention either on the road or at various tour stops, imagine what happens with the two of them! 

Go on … you’ll love it. 


d’Luxe Classic Car Tours offers a range of personalised day tours (established and custom) heading in every direction – north, south, east and west – out of Melbourne across half, full or maxi day durations. 

For an overview of all itineraries head to the main Tours page.

Prices for regular tours from $450.00 for four passengers.

DurationHalf dayFull dayMaxi day

What they are saying about d’Luxe:
My wife’s 50th birthday was a great day made even better with a surprise d’Luxe Car Tour. Comfortably seated in the back of the beautifully restored 56 Chev, we enjoyed a smooth ride around the leafy Eastern suburbs of Melb. And the Chev certainly attracted plenty of attention when we parked for a great breakfast and coffee. dLuxe Classic Car Tours … highly, highly recommended for any occasion.
Jon, Melbourne