d’Luxe Classic Car Tours aims to provide a safe and pleasurable experience for all guests and takes advice from the industry body, Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV), to ensure all advice is implemented in a unique CV-19 tour plan. 

Key points within the plan include: 

  • Tours will take place to ensure all guests are safe. 
  • Guests are each required to provide a name and point of contact (email or phone). 
  • Guests are required to use the check-in scan code at the commence of any tour.
  • Double vaccination is a requirement of tour travel and entry to most tour stops.
  • Guests will be asked for assurance that they have not experienced any recognised CV-19 symptoms within 14 days prior to travel. 
  • Guests will be asked for assurance that they have not been in contact with any people known to have been active with CV-19 within 14 days prior to travel.  
  • Tour stops will only take place and locations and venues know to be CV-19 safe and managing operations and experiences with appropriate CV-19 precautions and processes. 
  • We are used to shaking hands but will refrain from doing so under current conditions – maybe an elbow tap is ok. (It’s the same for hugs, unfortunately.)
  • Hand sanitiser is supplied for each tour.  
  • Masks need to be worn within the car during tours through periods when restriction guidelines dictate. Disposable masks are available as required. 
  • Surfaces including door handles will be cleaned with disinfectant before and after tours. (In fact, our cars have never been this clean since they came out of the showroom in the mid-fifties!)
  • Readings of body temperature will be taken via hand reader if requested by guests should they sense a change in health. (It’s the same reader used to check engine temperatures in the cars on hot days!) 
  • Guest registration is automatic via the tour booking system and can provide for contact tracing as required. 
  • A copy of this plan is made available for all tour guests prior to departure. 
  • Stay safe. Travel well.